While I do offer custom fuzz, the designs are limited to combinations of my own circuits as well as basic switching and fuzz enhancements.

Examples of customization available :

  • combining multiple fuzzes in one enclosure
  • custom artwork / layout
  • “dying battery” control
  • adding oscillation control (mainly works on high gain fuzzes)
  • replacing two controls with joystick control
  • twin pedal with additional master bypass
  • alternative pedal layout to fit your pedalboard’s space requirements
  • a few of my fuzzes “cross over” so a switch can be added to toggle fuzz sounds
  • adding experimental alternative modes to some of my high gain fuzzes

Customization >> NOT << available :

  • building or integrating a non-Fuzz Goddess circuit
  • designing a new circuit from the ground up
  • adding CV controls… sorry synth enthusiasts 🙁
  • customizing EQ, gate, texture

Also, I am one person building a lot of fuzz pedals so if you want a custom piece, be prepared to pay up front and then be patient with me while I get to your order.  If after reading all of that you are interested in ordering a custom Fuzz Goddess built my lil’ ol’ me, Devi Ever, hit me up with your info at devi AT fuzzgoddess DOT com with a very detailed list of what you desire.