The 90′s were not the first time rock and roll regurgitated all that was into what would be… fuck, I mean, that’s all it ever has been, isn’t it? There are no good old days. The best day of your life is right now… so make the most of it, because this is all we fucking have. There wasn’t that sick sense of desperation in the 90′s like I feel these days. Take every moment… make it the best you can… all that new age bull shit that rings so true as you get closer to the end game [ every fucking moment ready to end ]. All that aside, the 90′s did have some epic guitar tones and this has been one of the pedals that has come closest to the overdriven crunch sound that was prominently used by every band under the sun back then. I don’t know how one pedal can average out so many fuzz / overdrive / tube / solid state / amp and guitar tones… but the 90 does it… and so if you have the sickness of nostalgia deep inside you… or are just looking for something to jump from in terms of that funky grunge sound… this is it.